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By the community.
For the community.

You deserve a second chance.
Supported by X-Luna Devs.
Smart Contract Address
Our Mission

Accelerate mass adoption of LUNCZ through solid utilities, which will feature a next-gen P2E/C2E metaverse, that will be the next million users platform.

Offer a second chance for the X-Lunatics who were affected financially by the de-peg attack, to be among the early adopters of CZ Luna.


Loona DEX

LooNFT Marketplace

Decentra Loona Verse


Community voting

3% Reflections

4% Development

5% Liquidity Pool

Strategic Auto-Burn

Our Duty

Create the first community-driven Luna.

Tokenomics requested by X-Lunatics.

BUIDL an ecosystem full of utility that serves $LUNCZ fundamentally, to future proof it and increase its value overtime.

Deploy on BSC to promote large scale adoption, due to its super fast and  improved settlement times, and low transaction fees.




Rebirth Initiatives

CZ Luna Creation.png

CZ Luna was born after CZ (Binance CEO) submitted a public proposal to Luna Team, which was backed also by the Lunatics community, encouraging them to implement an effective burn mechanism into their ecosystem, instead of forking Luna.

Unfortunately, Luna Team and Do Kwon have failed us all, and decided to move against both CZ's and the community's proposal. Henceforth, we as a team of contributors who have years of experience, supported by X-Luna devs and the X-Lunatic community, have all joined forces to create a hyper-deflationary model of Luna Classic, BUIDL a whole ecosystem around it and call it CZ Luna.

$LUNCZ will be the governance token of CZ Luna's vibrant ecosystem.

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Locked Liquidity.

Non-mintable (Capped Max supply)

Anti-Bots Snipe Function.

SAFU and very experienced Devs.

Contract Ownership will be renounced.

Linear Coin Vesting to avoid dump at launch.

Smart Contract Verified, Audited line-by-line, and is FULLY SAFE as Certified by CyberScope.  (Check Audit Report here).

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Into Decentra Loona Verse

Featuring AAA-graphics, Play-to-Earn (P2E) and Create-to-Earn (C2E), 3D open-world, futuristically-themed metaverse.

Decentra Loona Verse (DLV) will provide an unprecedented VR experience, bringing everyone together in one immersive and engaging decentralized metaverse.

As a Loonaversian you can be anyone you want. You would also be able to build, work and even create games to monetize your experience and generate income.

Built using Unreal Engine. And backed by Polygon.


LoonaVersian #747

2 Days left
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On the LooNFT Marketplace, Loonaversians and non-loonaversians can buy, sell, auction, exchange and rent out NFT items.

Obtainable NFTs comes in limited numbers and editions.

Loonaversians can also use or create in-game NFT assets, to sell, lend or even exchange them with others.  NFT assets will include: land parcels, virtual real estate, cars, and more.

Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace

Loona DEX and DEFI

A Decentralized Exchange with the lowest fees. Slick, user-friendly, and suitable for everyone including beginners.

It will also provide high %APY staking.

Strategic DeFi offerings and key integrations will give you further control of your finances through holding and using your $LUNCZ tokens.

The Birth of CZ LUNA

"Forking does not give the new fork any value, burning and utility will"

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Collaborations with


Tokenomics and Token Metrics

Fair and Square

Buy/ Sell TAX 12%

Total Supply

3% Reflections to Diamond Hands HODLers

4% Development Wallet

5% Liquidity Pool

3% Auto-Burn - Burn address is not excluded from fees

"Tax distribution can be changed in the future upon community votes.

10,000,000,000,000 $LUNCZ - MAX Supply

8,500,000,000,000  (After 15% Supply Burn)

LUNCZ Roadmap




Core Team

The core team consists of 8 highly skilled contributors, merging a passion for Crypto and Tech industry expertise, in conjunction with a proven track record in blockchain technology, 3D game development and design, full-stack, UI/UX, and marketing. They have collaborated previously with top crypto projects worldwide.

The contributors, alongside with a vibrant community, and supported by two X-Luna devs, will work relentlessly to offer $LUNCZ holders the ultimate decentralized experience.

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LUNCZ Godfather.

Testing what action to do.png

James M.

Core Contributor

Testing what action to do 1.png.jpg

Michael L.

Core Contributor (Marketing)

CZ Luna.png


Core Contributor

(Blockchain Dev)

CZ Luna.png

Lara B.


(Game Dev/ 3D Art)

CZ Luna.png

Peter K.


(Community management)

CZ Luna.png

Natalia V.


(Community management)

CZ Luna.png

Oliver W.


(Full-stack dev / UI UX)


A step by step guide will be added soon. Meanwhile you can watch the video below.